2021 Technology Predictions

2020 is a year that necessitated many changes in the digital world: from working remotely to social tracking, there is a surge of new technologies shaping the way we function. Technological development has become an even more significant aspect of businesses today and developers have become an asset to all organisations helping them innovate, adapt, and grow.

It is hard to make predictions after such an unpredictable year, but the one clear thing is that today’s most important digital trends centre, for the most part, on facing any emerging challenges. The pandemic has arguably been the catalyst for advancements that were already due to happen because of our increasingly digitalized lives. Below you will find predictions for the upcoming year and how you can prepare your businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been talked about for a long time now and it’s popularity- or rather the interest around it and its capabilities- is still a large topic of discussion. In 2021, it can assist even more by predicting and helping us understand the world around us. The increasing amount of data we are collecting on healthcare, infection rates, and the success of treatment or prevention will inform further technological changes. This means that AI algorithms will become better informed and increasingly sophisticated in the solutions they uncover for us.

For businesses, trends will emerge concerning new customer behaviours, with an increase not only in online sales but also working, meetings and recruitment. During 2021, we can expect the tools we use to analyse these behavioural shifts to become more complex and accurate, becoming more accessible for all budgets and infrastructure requirements of businesses.

Native App Development

Native apps create the best user experience and will likely remain unparalleled next year. They are built to run on a specific device and are therefore the fastest and most brand-friendly option, which increases their popularity for exactly this reason.

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